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Computer Repairs North Lakes providing the CHEAPEST WORKSHOP SERVICES in North Brisbane for the last 10YRS.
Providing WORKSHOP ONLY REPAIRS thus allowing us to offer you a better quality service for cheaper with our full professional workshop and testing equipment.
Upfront FIXED PRICING with 95% of our services priced under any competitors Onsite or Fixed Fee regardless of how long it takes us to complete.
Not being a shop we have none of the overheads and not offering onsite you are not waiting for hours for a tech and then the time spent watching the clock.

Do not get tricked by the 'We come to you to save you unplugging anything jargon'. There are maybe 5 cables in any pc , all easy to pull out & plug in and with 90% of our customers no more than 15 minutes away if you are going to save what can be hundreds of dollars is it not worth bringing to us?
We have worked hands on with Hardware & Software providing Sales, Service & Repairs since 1989. Our services are fixed priced and fast!

Most Popular Services

Data Backup, Transfers & Recovery

Windows Upgrades & Repairs

Custom Built Computers Packages

Sample of Pricing

Virus Removal & PC Servicing
Virus, Trojan & Spyware Removal $99 Fixed
Computer Tune Up Service $75 Fixed
Virus Removal & Tune Up Combo $125 Fixed
Windows Repair & Install Services
Windows 7/8/10 Repair $115 Fixed
Windows 7/8/10 Reinstall $145 Fixed
Data Backup and Reinstall $85 Fixed
Data Backup & Recovery
Backup of hard drive to external device $85 Fixed
Backup of hard drive to online device $125 Fixed
Backup of hard drive to another computer $85 Fixed
Restoring data from backup $75 Fixed
Data recovery and file undelete service $300+ Fixed
Image Creation of Drive $125 Fixed
New Custom Built Computers
Home & Student Package $1699
Home & Small Business Package $1999
Graphics Design Package $2299
Video Editing Package $2799
Gaming Package $2299
Pro Gaming Package $2999

Custom Built Computers

  • Look to our computer pages for our custom built high speed, quality performance systems.

    Starting at $1299
  • Extras not found in any store bought system. Using the best & latest technologies.

    Starting at $1299

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Address 33 Voltaire Crescent, Petrie Queensland 4502 Australia
Phone number 07 3482 2915 0401 683 956
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