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Our Computer Business is closed on Weekends, Public Holidays and Limited Services during School Holidays due to us running this Fishing Business and our Pet Business and that is our busy time for those businesses.

01...Techno Geek


Technogeek Computer Repairs North Lakes providing you with the Cheapest Workshop Services & Onsite Services in Brisbane North over the last ten years with 95% of our workshop services $125 or under. NOTE: WE ARE NOT AN APPLE SERVICE AGENT!
Eftpos over phone or in-house at our Petrie Workshop

Tristan Cosman-Jones , the proprietor, has focused on developing a wide range of managerial and technical skills in the computer industry since 1989. Having worked more than 20 years in both retail sales and technical support. Tristan has vast experience all areas of computer sales, service, support and website design services. In 2003 he opened Technogeek which now offers servicing to Home Users, Home Based Businesses and Business Users.


02... Fishing Buddy


Fishing for Kids and Parents with your Fishing Buddy.
At Fishing Buddy we make it fun for the kids and easy for you. Never been fishing? Do not own any equipment?
No worries as that is what Fishing Buddy is all about.
Planning a picnic or bbq or just heading to the beach or bay?
Do you have a few extra kids for the day?
While you are all out enjoying the sun and fresh air we can show the kids how to fish.
We supply all the equipment and do all the dirty work. Even parents can have some fun!

  • Family Daycare Day Out
  • Family BBQ at the Beach
  • Exchange Student Experience
  • Family Picnic at the Water
  • Birthday Parties
  • Extra Kids Outside Fun
  • At Fishing Buddy we will teach our fishing buddies all about the type of fish that can be caught in that area, clean them for you to take home or release them if that is preferred.
    We teach all about tides, the water and fishing as well as local wildlife and how it all works together.
    It is a great way to meet people as we can do up to 6 kids at a time and if you are ok with that we can do 2 or 3 different families together.
    My boys will be more than happy to spend time with your kids and will happily help with baiting and fish removal.
    All you need to do is have FUN.


    03... Friendly Furs


    Our Computer business is closed on Weekends, School Holidays, Public Holidays due to us running this business

    We have been providing walking, play and care services for the last 10 years with at your home daily visits services for any pet you can keep. This allows you the peace of mind knowing that your home and your pets are taken care of (in thier own environment). This mean less stress for your pets and less stress for you. We offer Pet Taxi Services to the Vet as well as Grooming and Bathing Services.

    We also provide Dog Park and Beach Services as well as extended time per visit if you so require as well as our standard dog walking services. We are able to take puppies and kittens for nightly stays with us.

  • Home Checks
  • Mail - Bins
  • Play & Walks
  • Feeding and Water
  • Medication
  • Videos and Pics Sent Daily

    04... Elszac Websites


    Elszac Websites is a full-service Web Design company offering an extensive range of Website services to Small Businesses and Trades in Brisbane North with Marketing, Video, Voice Over, SEO and Website Optimisation Services. We specialise in website design and development for Trades and Small Business Owners

    We do everything to help search engines find your website.

    Both HD Images and Videos for your website that will all change size with no loss of quality for any viewing device.

  • Complete Packages
  • Responsive Designs
  • Works on all Devices
  • Trades and Small Business
  • Marketing - Google Services
  • Social Media Setup
  • 10 Page Package $1548
  • Video and Voice Services
  • Logo Designs
  • Website Optimisation
    • 3650
      Computers Serviced
    • 800
      Pets Cared
    • 22000
      Fishing Hours
    • 65
      Websites Designed