Computer Repairs North Lakes Support Services

Remote Support Services allows our local technicians to provide you with fast service while saving you money and increasing productivity. Has someone in your office been unable to complete a task because of a minor problem with their computer? Do you have a staff member that spends more time helping others with their computers than they do completing their own work? Our Remote Support Services can eliminate these efficiency killing problems.

Computer Repairs North Lakes uses the latest technology to allow us to quickly and securely access any computer, laptop or mobile device to assist the client with many problems. For example, you are getting an error message while you are trying to print a report. One of our expert technicians can log directly into your computer to see what you see and to guide you through to resolving the computer problem. They can take control of your computer and show you how to complete a task or diagnose the problem.

Support When You Need It!
This advanced technology can be used to complete as much as 80% of the daily issues encountered in a small office computer use. Imagine how much more productive your office will be if they have a computer tech to help them with these nagging issues. This service can be used for diagnosing problems, training, computer updates, and even computer repairs. It is important that you remember this service does require that the device be actively connected to the internet with a working operating system and that many issues will still require onsite service.
The next time you have a question or issue with your computer, laptop, tablet or another device, call Computer Repairs North Lakes to see if they can assist you with their Support Services.

With modern day business so reliant on technology, any computer IT issues need to be addressed swiftly to minimise the impact on business. Our computer IT Support service delivers a fast, efficient and cost effective solution for addressing the majority of IT support issues – over 80% of help desk queries are fixed by our support helpdesk without the need for an on-site visit by one of our technicians.

By accessing your computers and seeing the same screen you do, our experienced technical remote IT support technicians can quickly locate the problem and help you implement a solution – all you need is an internet connection and a working windows operating system.

If the issue cannot be fixed this way, one of our computer IT support techs can swiftly be on site to fix the problem. For businesses within 20km's of North Lakes, we guarantee we will be there within 3 hours

Is this support easy to use?

Yes. Once you’ve allowed us access to your pc you don’t need to do anything. Our support technician will investigate the issue, as if we were sitting at your desk. If our support team doesn’t require any more information from you than you can carry on with any other non-computer-based tasks.

is it secure?

Yes. There is a secure, 128-bit encrypted, connection between us and your computer that prevents anyone else from getting access or seeing what’s happening on your computer. Once our technician has ended the session we will not be able be to reconnect to your computer until you request another session.

Can you control my pc at any time?

No, we are not able to access your computer until you have responded on your computer to a request for remote it support. Similarly, once we have closed access to your computer, we will not be able to access it again until you have again requested and confirmed access.

Computer services starting at $65 for home computer users up to $85 for business users for the 35 min and $30 every 20 minutes after, based at North Lakes.

*Higher fees for support performed after 9pm and before 7am including public holidays.

We provide workshop as well as on-site and computer diagnostic & repair services including custom computers for home and business, residential & commercial customers as well as our full monitored protection services servicing 20Km's around North Lakes.