Benefits: Service at your place, no need to bring bulky items to us.
Charged by the hour.
Cons: More expensive and not a full range of services available.

Why Choose

Our experts can help you with a wide range of services, from removing upgrading components, removing viruses to setting up network security and building web sites. We are so confident we can fix your issues we offer a “no fix -no pay” guarantee.
Our technicians are competent, experienced professionals who provide computer repairs and IT solutions in a non-technical down to earth manner, which is why much of our work comes from referral business from satisfied customers who have no hesitation in recommending us to their family and friends.


All of our services list the pricing for Onsite vs Workshop vs Remote options and list if that service is available.
Remote sessions are at a fixed price but have less services available than onsite services with a large range of services but at an hourly rate however compared to every service available and fixed pricing the workshop services are usually the preferred way to go. Most workshop services regardless of timeframe are usually not more than the same price as a one hour onsite service.

We come to you

Service at your place, no need to bring bulky items to us.
Please note that many services take many hours (virus clean 3-5hrs for example) and our workshop services may be the preferred way to go.
(We will discuss this with you when a booking or query is made)


We can pickup for free the equipment that you need serviced.
It might not be same day pending how where you are as we do sections we cover by days

Same day service

If it's urgent we can usually help


We accept CASH - VISA - MASTERCARD using our online invoice system.
We cannot take payments over the phone for credit cards.
Invoices are only supplied upon prior agreement with MAX 14 days.

All Hardware Work guaranteed

30 day guarantee on all workmanship


All Technology Service

Computers, LAPTOP/NOTEBOOKs, Desktop PC's, Tablets, Phones (setup only).

No geek-speak

Just straight talk from friendly trained technicians

Always on time

We'll be there when we say we will.


We are one of the few companies that offer an onsite booking service where you can see what days and times are available for you to book a service.

Make your computer faster.
Clean garbage files & optimise hard drive for faster performance
Remove viruses, spyware, adware, trojans and malware.
Set up a network to share files and printers.
Troubleshoot PC issues
Set up automated backups for peace of mind.
Set up new equipment, such as wireless printers or iPads.
Recover lost or deleted data.
Network setup & security
Remove viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, malware & tuneup
Fix or replace broken hardware.
Home theatre solutions
File transfer services
Windows Repairs
Windows Reinstall & Data Save
Sales of Custom Built Computers
Laptop, Notebook Sales
Screen Repairs for Laptop, Notebooks, Ipads, Microsoft Surface Units